Creative Media Practice

Lucy Higgins Level 6

WEEK FIVE: Advancing Photography

Fifth mini assignment for work journal: You’ll be creating a ‘seamless’ composite image that represents the house style of your creative project. Give a brief explanation as to your workflow.

Original Image (not my own):


My edit layered on top of original image (photography of model my own work):

comtosive image photoshopJPEGbrightness

Below are other edits I did to enhance and practice my photoshop skills:

photoshop repeat


New York street background image and runway image do not belong to me. I photoshopped my model into these backdrop images as I felt this would be suitable in my fashion magazine.

New_York_Girls_Main_Image copy



I edited my own image of New York building (left) two images of model (in window and on road) and street art (right) onto an image I found online of Portobello Road (not my own).

Below is an image we created in a workshop class. This task allowed us to gain experience when working on Photoshop, calculating measurements, working with rulers and guidelines, and using different editing techniques experimenting with different filters. I used fashion photography images and urban landscape (centre landscape image belongs to me, the rest I found online) as this relates to the house style of my magazine.

12 images


WEEK FOUR – Advancing Photography

Fourth mini assignment for work journal: Consider the house style of your creative project. Select a minimum of four of your images with a view to manipulating them into a new creative piece. Give a brief explanation as to why these are suitable for your project.

I feel that the images I have taken and chosen to feature in my creative media project are appropriate for the house style of my fashion magazine sunday supplement. Taking inspiration from other independent brands such as Urban Outffiters, American Apparel, ASOS and Vice, I have become familiar with what style and type of imagery is currently on trend.

The magazine feature I am producing is a Sister magazine to Urban Outfitters, therefore I felt it would be appropriate to include fashion images of both models and landscape. In the UO magazine supplement both urban and rural landscape images feature, with a focus on interesting architecture and natural environments e.g fields/festivals.

The image I took of New York buildings I plan to make less saturated, less contrasted and change the colour balance adding pinks and purples. I feel this image will fit in well with the urban, modern and vibrant borders I may add when creating my magazine on InDesign.

When I begin to manipulate my images of my models I plan to create a seamless compostive image, cropping and cutting my model into different background scenery. I will experiment with different background images that would appeal to my demographic, adding images of cities (London and New York).

media kit copy

media kit 2

art borderMG_4992

media kit 3streetphoonewlucyborderv



WEEK THREE – Typography and Page Layout


Bold fonts used in Bullett and Urban Outfitters magazines.

Images above are not my own.

Third mini assignment for work journal: Create your own font library of at least five different fonts. Write 150 words as to why these typefaces are suitable for your brand, and give three examples, with explanations, of three typefaces that would be unsuitable.

Fonts/screenshots from

Font 1) One Starry Night Font

2) Disco Night Font

3) Neou Font

4) Futurist Fixed- Width Font

5) Hyperspace Font

6) Bubble & Soap

1) One Starry Night

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 14.11.39.png 

I feel that this typeface would not be appropriate for my feature (or any in that matter) as the design of the text is like scribble and unclear to read. It is important that the text you use for a Headline or Coverline is clear to read as it is the first thing your reader will look at.

2) Disco Night

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 13.54.13.png

I feel this text design would appeal to my target audience as it is clear to read, but the white dashes add an element of quirkiness, which could appeal to my target audience. Also I feel the bold text could draw attention to the article.

3) Neou


I feel that Neou would be a suitable typeface for my sister article of Urban Outfitters. It is very clean cut, I feel that the simplicity of the text (no wiggly designs or crazy shapes) makes the writing appear professional and very high fashion. This text is similar to the typespace that is often used in Vogue and other high fashion magazines, I feel this would appeal to my readers who will have an interest in fashion/music.

4) Futurist Fixed- Width


The Futurist Fixed-Width typespace is my favourite out of the 6 text designs I have chosen to analyse. The typespace gives off the right modern and sophisicated look and style that I want my feature to come across as. After analysing other articles from Urban Outfitters and independent sunday supplements, it has become clear to me that bold and thin text appeals to the readers of these kind of supplements.

5) Hyperspace


The typespace named, Hyperspace I feel would be innapropriate for my brand and style of my feature. I feel that it gives off a futuristic and very computerised look which would not relate to my feature in any way. I want my feature to look classic and modern, I do not like the style of this typespace and how (for example) the way certain letters (S, A and G) are shaped and warped.

6) Bubble & Soap

  Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 13.39.28.png

Bubble & Soap text would not be suitable for my offline feature, as the shapes of the text aim more towards appealing for a younger audience, perhaps children. The demographic I am aiming towards with my feature is 16-25 year olds, I feel this text would be a bit too comic and unprofessional and I would worry the text would not be taken seriously.

WEEK TWO -What makes or breaks a brand?

Identifying a gap for a new brand, and its house style and editorial tone.

Think about;

ABC – Audit Bureau of Circulations

NRS – National Readership Survey

– You’re idea may not work on paper

– You’re idea may be a brand extension

-Think about possible sister magazine (Spin Off)

Read: ‘Two sides of the Innovation Coin? An empirical investigation of the relative correlates of idea generation and idea implementation.’

Having read the journal article, describe the process of establishing a new idea, and why it is important to make mistakes.

People communicate and create new ideas in many different ways. The, ‘Two sides of the Innovation Coin’ reading discusses the process of establishing new ideas and why it is important that you make mistakes throughout the process. It is important when creating a new idea that you believe that you are capable of producing original and inspiring work. Paragraph eight of the Two sides of the Innovation Coin backs up my theory by stating, ‘Creative- self-efficiency refers to the ‘belief that one has the ability to produce creative outcomes, because general self-effect beliefs influence the motivation and ability to engage in specific behaviour.’[1]

There are certain steps you should take when brainstorming a new idea, [2] The Innovation Coin journal suggests that you should think be open about things such as experiences, be persistent, show curiosity have great energy, and be as honest as you possibly can be. These things are vital if you want to innovate creative ideas. [2] It is important to make mistakes when brainstorming, as it allows you to eliminate idea’s that may have been successful but as you go into further detail you are able to discover the reasons why that particular idea may not have worked.


[1] Wissam Magadley & Kamal Birdi . (February 2012). Individual level Characteristics and Innovation. In: – The Two sides of the Innovation Coin. Imperial College Press: -. 4.

[2] Wissam Magadley & Kamal Birdi . (February 2012). Individual level Characteristics and Innovation. In: – The Two sides of the Innovation Coin . Imperial College Press: -. 3.

WEEK ONE – Introduction to Creative Media Practice: What Is Creativity?

Write 150 words about ‘creativity’. What is it? Is it important? What kills it? What makes it thrive?

The author of Six Thinking Hats, Edwards De Bono once quoted, ‘It is better to have enough ideas for some of them to be wrong, than to be always right by having no ideas at all.”

Creativity is about coming up with different ideas and exploring different avenues. The importance of Creativity has been discussed by many theorists, one being Sir Ken Robinson in his 2006 TED conference. Robinson argues that schools are killing creativity and that it is not being treated with the importance it deserves. The English author says, ‘Creativity now is as important in education as literacy, we should treat it with the same status’. He goes on to talk about that many adults loose their creativity as it has been drilled into society that having a wrong answer is a bad thing, which adults and young adults have become afraid of and that children are our only hope of keeping creative thoughts which should be encouraged.

In chapter one of the book Idea Generation, authors Leonard and Ambrose explain different ways you can kick start your mind to think creative thoughts, ideas such as working in creative environments and listening to baroque music proved to be successful.



[1] Infinite Innovations Ltd. (1997-2011 ). Creative quotations for brainstorming and lateral thinking. Available: Last accessed 30th November 2014.

[2] TedTalks video . (2007?). Video – Sir Ken Robinson: Do schools kill creativity?. Available: Last accessed 25 November 2014.

[3] Basics Graphic Design: (2012) Idea Generation by Neil Leonard, Gavin Ambrose