WEEK SEVEN: Planning Essay Question

by lhiggins3396

The work journal must include a 1200-word essay. The essay can be submitted on to MyBeckett when you submit the link for your journal. This should explore a creative or technical theme that is relevant to their chosen project. Essay questions include, but are not limited to:

  1. CREATIVE: Select three methods used for creative thinking. Critically analyse how they have shaped your project.
  2. CREATIVE: ‘All the good ideas have been taken.’ Discuss.
  3. TECHNICAL – DESIGN: Choose a publication that is similar to your own. Critically analyse its design elements on all relevant platforms.
  4. TECHNICAL – PHOTOGRAPHY: To discuss with photography tutor.

I have made the decision of choosing the first creative option to base my essay on, but slightly editing the question to focus more about how different methods have inspired my project, ‘Discuss methods used for creative thinking and how they have inspired you. Explain how they have influenced your project.’  The essay question, appeals to me as throughout each of the modules this semester I have found myself drawn to the creative aspects of journalism. I will research and discuss different methods used for creative thinking, and talk in great detail how these methods have affected my work methods and contributed in designing my project.