WEEK SIX: Flatplanning and Production

by lhiggins3396

Sixth mini assignment for work journal:

Create a flatplan for the launch issue of your magazine. Upload the flatplan and explain your choices of page placement. In addition, give an indication of your production schedule – with specified deadlines for the remaining 10 weeks.

Below is the link to my flatplan I created on flatplanapp.com and a screenshot image of my flatplan.

creative-media-project-flatplan (2) (1)


When designing the layout of my magazine, I have taken inspiration from independent paper articles that I have found in Urban Outfitters, Belgrave Music Hall magazine, and others. My first page will obviously be the front cover of my magazine. This will have one image spread across the front with a headline, cover line and small snippets of text that indicate that will be in the magazine, to attract readers. Page 2 will consist of 1 image, and I perhaps I will use this image as an advertisement for a brand or musician. Page 3 will be the introduction of my first feature, and will be an image of the person/artist/model/musician I will be writing a feature on. It will have a short cover line and a small paragraph introducing the person, giving the reader that might not know who the feature is on, a brief piece of information about them. Pages 4 and 5 will consist of my first feature. This will include 2 more images and 500 words of text that will include the article and interviews.

Pages 6,7,8 and 9 will each have 1 individual image, these images will be from photo-shoots that I have organised and will show different ways I have manipulated and editing skills I have used in InDesign & Photoshop. Pages 10 and 11 will cover my second feature, which will be on a different topic to the first feature, and will make up the project word count adding 500 more words making the word count of my feature 1000 words. I felt creating 2 features each 500 word would be appropriate for my demographic and style of magazine, as oppose to one big 1000 word text article which might loose interest of my readers. Pages 12 and 13 will conclude my magazine with two individual images, again showing images from photo-shoots I have organised and will display my InDesign and Photoshop skills. This production schedule may be subject to change, adding more pages to my feature, depending on the quality and number of images taken throughout the next 4 weeks.

Production schedule

Throughout week 7 to week 9 I am going to concentrate on completing my workshop blog for Creative Media Practice, as the deadline is getting closer. I will make sure each weekly tasks are completed, and show more research and development of my idea for my journalism project feature. From weeks 10 to 12 and throughout the christmas break I will be organising photoshoots for my fashion images and getting together a portfolio of the images I will use in my feature. During these 6/7 weeks I will be writing out my articles for the feature and deciding what images will be appropriate to use. In the final weeks from January 1st – the deadline date January 18th I will be putting together my magazine on InDesign, ready to hand in on the 18th.