WEEK FIVE: Advancing Photography

by lhiggins3396

Fifth mini assignment for work journal: You’ll be creating a ‘seamless’ composite image that represents the house style of your creative project. Give a brief explanation as to your workflow.

Original Image (not my own):


My edit layered on top of original image (photography of model my own work):

comtosive image photoshopJPEGbrightness

Below are other edits I did to enhance and practice my photoshop skills:

photoshop repeat


New York street background image and runway image do not belong to me. I photoshopped my model into these backdrop images as I felt this would be suitable in my fashion magazine.

New_York_Girls_Main_Image copy



I edited my own image of New York building (left) two images of model (in window and on road) and street art (right) onto an image I found online of Portobello Road (not my own).

Below is an image we created in a workshop class. This task allowed us to gain experience when working on Photoshop, calculating measurements, working with rulers and guidelines, and using different editing techniques experimenting with different filters. I used fashion photography images and urban landscape (centre landscape image belongs to me, the rest I found online) as this relates to the house style of my magazine.

12 images