WEEK FOUR – Advancing Photography

by lhiggins3396

Fourth mini assignment for work journal: Consider the house style of your creative project. Select a minimum of four of your images with a view to manipulating them into a new creative piece. Give a brief explanation as to why these are suitable for your project.

I feel that the images I have taken and chosen to feature in my creative media project are appropriate for the house style of my fashion magazine sunday supplement. Taking inspiration from other independent brands such as Urban Outffiters, American Apparel, ASOS and Vice, I have become familiar with what style and type of imagery is currently on trend.

The magazine feature I am producing is a Sister magazine to Urban Outfitters, therefore I felt it would be appropriate to include fashion images of both models and landscape. In the UO magazine supplement both urban and rural landscape images feature, with a focus on interesting architecture and natural environments e.g fields/festivals.

The image I took of New York buildings I plan to make less saturated, less contrasted and change the colour balance adding pinks and purples. I feel this image will fit in well with the urban, modern and vibrant borders I may add when creating my magazine on InDesign.

When I begin to manipulate my images of my models I plan to create a seamless compostive image, cropping and cutting my model into different background scenery. I will experiment with different background images that would appeal to my demographic, adding images of cities (London and New York).

media kit copy

media kit 2

art borderMG_4992

media kit 3streetphoonewlucyborderv