WEEK THREE – Typography and Page Layout

by lhiggins3396


Bold fonts used in Bullett and Urban Outfitters magazines.

Images above are not my own.

Third mini assignment for work journal: Create your own font library of at least five different fonts. Write 150 words as to why these typefaces are suitable for your brand, and give three examples, with explanations, of three typefaces that would be unsuitable.

Fonts/screenshots from dafont.com

Font 1) One Starry Night Font

2) Disco Night Font

3) Neou Font

4) Futurist Fixed- Width Font

5) Hyperspace Font

6) Bubble & Soap

1) One Starry Night

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 14.11.39.png 

I feel that this typeface would not be appropriate for my feature (or any in that matter) as the design of the text is like scribble and unclear to read. It is important that the text you use for a Headline or Coverline is clear to read as it is the first thing your reader will look at.

2) Disco Night

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 13.54.13.png

I feel this text design would appeal to my target audience as it is clear to read, but the white dashes add an element of quirkiness, which could appeal to my target audience. Also I feel the bold text could draw attention to the article.

3) Neou


I feel that Neou would be a suitable typeface for my sister article of Urban Outfitters. It is very clean cut, I feel that the simplicity of the text (no wiggly designs or crazy shapes) makes the writing appear professional and very high fashion. This text is similar to the typespace that is often used in Vogue and other high fashion magazines, I feel this would appeal to my readers who will have an interest in fashion/music.

4) Futurist Fixed- Width


The Futurist Fixed-Width typespace is my favourite out of the 6 text designs I have chosen to analyse. The typespace gives off the right modern and sophisicated look and style that I want my feature to come across as. After analysing other articles from Urban Outfitters and independent sunday supplements, it has become clear to me that bold and thin text appeals to the readers of these kind of supplements.

5) Hyperspace


The typespace named, Hyperspace I feel would be innapropriate for my brand and style of my feature. I feel that it gives off a futuristic and very computerised look which would not relate to my feature in any way. I want my feature to look classic and modern, I do not like the style of this typespace and how (for example) the way certain letters (S, A and G) are shaped and warped.

6) Bubble & Soap

  Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 13.39.28.png

Bubble & Soap text would not be suitable for my offline feature, as the shapes of the text aim more towards appealing for a younger audience, perhaps children. The demographic I am aiming towards with my feature is 16-25 year olds, I feel this text would be a bit too comic and unprofessional and I would worry the text would not be taken seriously.